Exploring plant immune systems at the University of Washington

Immune Recognition in Plants

We study the function and evolution of plant immune systems, focusing on front-line receptors to detect threats

Molecular Genetics of Plant Immunity

We use tools and approaches from genetics, genomics, biochemistry, and molecular biology to study immunity in crops and model plant species

Combating Pests in Agriculture

Our work inspires strategies to protect crops against emerging pests and pathogens

Contact the lab

Adam Steinbrenner

astein10 /at/ uw.edu


Latest news

Fall conference: APACE

Prof. Steinbrenner will attend the 10th Conference of the Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists in Hangzhou, China. He will present in Session 3: “Signaling and Perception in Plant-Herbivore Interactions.” Say hello if you are also attending, and come to hear about INR and our future plans to understand evolution of immune recognition across bean populations.

Antonio Chaparro joins the lab

The lab’s first official member has joined! Antonio will join as a technician. Heis a recent graduate of the UW and comes in with experience in plant molecular genetics from his undergraduate research. Welcome Antonio!