Steinbrenner Lab Mentorship Policies

Our goal is to understand plant immunity through reading, discussion, and experimentation, and then share insights with the world. As a Principal Investigator I hope to mentor the next generation of plant biologists. I aim to excite and challenge mentees and build curiosity, skill, and independence. I work to maintain an environment where trainees can build these foundations in a safe and welcoming space.

All mentorship relationships are different; I use an expectations rubric to guide each. Two weeks after joining the lab we will both fill out the rubric and discuss. These change according the level of trainee (tech-postdoc) and over time. For undergraduates: I have a set of generalized expectations you will receive when joining the lab, but your day-to-day expectations will come from your immediate mentor (a technician, graduate student, or postdoc).

I hope to help long-term mentees work toward their career goals. Some mechanisms to communicate about these goals include:

  1. Rubric for Expectations of Research Supervision – to be filled out once upon joining the lab
  2. Individual Development Plan (IDP) – to be filled out within three months of joining. The IDP is meant to set yearly goals, determine if you have sufficient resources, and discuss other possible mentors or training. The mentee is expected to revise the IDP at least yearly. We will set aside an hour to discuss at least once a year. This is an example format; others are possible.
  3. Quarterly IDP check-ins – at the end of each quarter, we will structure our one-on-one meeting to discuss progress toward year goals and if any resources or changes would help to meet goals.