Summer conferences: MPMI, ASPB

We will present our INR preprint and other transcriptomic and genomic follow-ups at MPMI in Glasgow and ASPB in San Jose Aug 3-7 https://aspb.org/event/plant-biology-2019/

Inceptin Receptor Preprint is Live

The core of Adam’s postdoctoral work is now posted on bioRxiv (https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/679803v1) in a manuscript entitled “A Receptor for Herbivore-Associated Molecular Patterns Mediates Plant Immunity.” We are excited to connect surface immune recognition to chewing herbivory through INR. We’re very happy it’s available on bioRxiv as it works its way through journal submission. Comments are welcome, please email or Twitter DM @ADSteinbrenner.

Hiring Research Technologist 1

We are hiring a research technologist to take on a variety of research and management roles as the lab gets going. Please see UW Hires for the official job ad and here for the flyer (including how to apply)

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