Adam Steinbrenner, Principal Investigator

astein10 /at/

Adam Steinbrenner joined the UW Department of Biology in September 2019.

Curriculum vitae – Steinbrenner_CV.pdf


HHMI and UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Diego (2016-2019)
PhD, Plant Biology University of California, Berkeley
BS, Biology Tufts University


I am fascinated by the plant immune system and its unique challenges. Plants face would-be parasitism from arthropods, bacteria, viruses, fungi/oomycetes, nematodes etc, but the vast majority of interactions instead lead to a successful immune response. Receptors are germline encoded and form a finite repertoire; how do plants recognize a limitless variety of threats? Specialized defense responses can be mutually antagonistic; how does resistance activate against to different pest classes (e.g. chewing herbivory/necrotrophy vs piercing herbivory/biotrophy). Receptors and their concordant responses are often limited to certain plant clades; how do these new recognition capacities evolve?

In free time I’m a runner, hiker, baseball fan, and amateur home cook