Adam Steinbrenner, Principal Investigator

Adam will join the UW Department of Biology as an Assistant Professor in September 2019


HHMI and UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Diego (2016-2019)
PhD, Plant Biology University of California, Berkeley
BS, Biology Tufts University


I am fascinated by the plant immune system and its unique challenges. Plants face would-be parasitism from arthropods, bacteria, viruses, fungi/oomycetes, nematodes etc, but the vast majority of interactions instead lead to a successful immune response (avirulence). Receptors are germline encoded and form a finite repertoire; how do plants recognize a limitless variety of threats? Specialized defense responses can be mutually antagonistic; how does resistance activate against to different pest classes (e.g. chewing herbivory/necrotrophy vs piercing herbivory/biotrophy). Receptors and their concordant responses are often limited to certain plant clades; how do these new recognition capacities evolve?